Is BOTB a scam?

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If you’re wondering if BOTB is a scam here are a few things you have to know.

Firstly, BOTB is a public company worth £20m listed on the stock exchange. You can see the BOTB share price here.

Secondly, you can see the winners on youtube where BOTB head or Christian Williams (Virgin and Capital FM DJ) show up and surprise the winner.  You can follow Christian on twitter here and read the BOTB press release here.

Thirdly, BOTB is very transparent about it’s business model and how it opperates spot the ball.  You can read our original BOTB review for more information and videos from the founder William S. Hindmarch

Fourthly, There are a few bad reviews on scam websites.  Well a lot of these are from sore losers who play without fully understanding the rules. Or from websites that deliberately write negative reviews then try and charge companies to take them down. The bulk of reviews for BOTB are on FEEFO with a 95% positive rating.  See BOTB on FEEFO here.

Fifthly, with social media playing such a big part of how this company has expanded from doing most of its business at airport stands to online there is a huge following of BOTB on facebook where people discuss the judging.  It’s quite an interesting community because, it’s actually the other players that stick up for BOTB when users start to make claims it is a scam. You even see some previous winners pitch in and defend BOTB.

If you want to have a go at winning your dream can on BOTB use this link when you sign up and you’ll get a free £5 to get started.  Make sure you watch some of the judging videos to get a feel from where they may think the ball could have been.  Take it as a bit of fun and don’t bet too big.  After all, if you play more than £100 a week, you may as well lease a sports car instead.  Good Luck…

For a bit of inspiration you can see one of the most recent winners below.

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 06.53.02

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