Matchbook is coming up on the rails as a credible alternative to Betfair as a betting exchange.

There are only four betting exchanges in the UK so why should you use Matchbook over the established competition?

As the sun was out, for this Matchbook betting exchange review we trotted off for another day at Sandown Racecourse.  And there is a new kid muscling in on Bet365 for sponsorship in the form of the final in the big four of betting exchanges: Matchbook.

Matchbook, the growing betting exchange is sponsoring the ponies now

Matchbook advertising in the Sandown Guide. Get the Lay of your Life. Worth opening an account just for their sense of humour.
Matchbook advertising in the Sandown Guide. Get the Lay of your Life. Worth opening an account just for their sense of humour.

I remember when Matchbook started no-one really took seriously. But now it appears to have been taken over buy some proper investor types who want to compete with the likes of the two established betting exchanges Betfair and Betdaq, as well as pummel Smarkets, the other growing betting exchange that came on the scenes with discounted commission.

When we first looked at Smarkets as a viable alternative to Betfair it seemed like a good choice because they were offering discounted commissions of 2% rather than Betfair's 5%.  If you were a trader or an arbitrager or playing about with matched betting then this was quite appealing.

But is trying to win business on cost really enough for a new betting exchange?

Probably not. The difference between 1.5% and 2% is negligible, and for Matchbook to become the leading betting exchange they need to 3.33x more business than Betfair as opposed to Smarkets which only needs to process 2.5x the bet values.  But that's pretty boring and with the "gamtech innovation revolution" as we like to call it the fixed costs of running Smarkets and Matchbook should be lower than Betfair. After all Betfair pioneered and leads the industry and as a result must bear the development and innovation costs for new companies to copy and follow.

There is nothing wrong with discounted commission though. Gamtech & fintech are lowing the cost for consumers (gamblers) so it is possible for them to win more money by  getting betting odds with lower commissions.

Matchbook Betting Exchange Sandown Park

A race to then bottom when it comes to commission though is already happening across the financial services industry and there is a problem. Everyone one is going out of business because they are not making enough money to pay for advertising to get new customers because there are now so many new brands starting up everyday.

In theory it costs nothing to do business if you put the right technology in place with the right partners. So the brand with the biggest marketing budget who can afford to lose the most money when client grabbing will lead the industry.

I still like Betfair's steadfast approach to high commission levels. They are the John Lewis of the gambling world if you will. They simple say we are the best and it will cost you more to do business with us.  Which is fine for somethings, but when you come down to the dirty business of winning money off people you want to get as much as you can!

So how can Matchbook compete with the bigger betting exchanges if a race to the bottom on pricing isn't going to cut it?

  • They can offer a better sign up bonus for new customers. Matchbook are currently offering £50 cashback, which is the highest value betting exchange welcome offer at the moment.
  • They can offer multi-currency accounts. Matchbook currently offer more currencies to bet in than any other exchange.
  • They can offer a better user experience and match liquidity and markets. Matchbook currently offer more peripheral markets thanks to their global client base.

You can sign  up with Matchbook here.

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Average rating:  
 2 reviews
by josemar pereira de oliveira on Matchbook


  • Website & Platform 5/5
  • Customer Service 5/5
  • Mobile Apps 5/5
  • Odds, Spreads & Pricing 5/5
  • Market Range 5/5
  • Bet Execution Speed 5/5
  • Added Value 5/5
Lately Betfair is medeixando very satisfied.&nbsp(Been a Matchbook customer for 2-5 years mainly betting on football and horses)

by Dominic on Matchbook
I am please with the slots


  • Website & Platform 4/5: interface not good
  • Customer Service 4/5: response slow
  • Mobile Apps 4/5: not using any
  • Odds, Spreads & Pricing 5/5
  • Market Range 5/5
  • Bet Execution Speed 5/5
  • Added Value 5/5
Easy to place bets (Been a Matchbook customer for under a year mainly betting on football and rugby on a monthly basis) 

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