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The sport of mixed martial arts (MMA) has been growing rapidly in popularity since the 1990s but has roots going back as far as ancient Greece. The point of MMA contests is to resemble hand to hand or unarmed fighting in the real world by combining several styles. MMA matches are combinations of boxing, wrestling, and kickboxing, along with various martial arts such as Muay Thai, Brazilian jiu-jitsu and many more. Read More

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Mixed Martial Arts and MMA Betting


Punters who follow and bet on boxing can make the transition to MMA betting without a lot of difficulty. That having been said, there are several major differences that are very important.

MMA matches today consist of rounds lasting five minutes and most fights last no more than three rounds. Title bouts typically last up to five rounds. If the match goes the distance the winner is decided by points. But, a fight may also end with a knockout, TKO, or submission. A submission occurs when a fighter cannot find a way out of being pinned and pummelled in a wrestling hold.

Mixed martial arts matches take place in an octagonal cage that is thirty feet across and six feet high. Thus, unlike professional wrestling, fighters cannot be thrown out! The surfaces also have padding to help prevent unintended injuries.

The largest MMA organization is UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) but there are around 40 promotors of MMA. These are the top 15.


  • Ultimate Fighting Championship
  • Bellator MMA
  • Absolute Championship Berkut (based in Grozny, Russia)
  • Fight Nights Global (based in Moscow)
  • ONE Championship (based in Singapore)
  • Rizin Fighting Federation (based in Tokyo)
  • Invicta FC
  • Pancrase (based in Tokyo)
  • M-1 Global (based in St. Petersburg, Russia)
  • Legacy Fighting Alliance
  • World Fighting Alliance (based in Grozny, Russia)
  • Konfrontacja Sztuk Walki (based in Warsaw, Poland)
  • Deep (based in Nagoya, Japan)
  • Road Fighting Championship (based in Wonju, South Korea)
  • Cage Warriors (based in London England)

Fighters represent gyms where they train and when they win the gym gets points. The top ranking gym and number ten are Nova União and Black House, both in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Numbers two through nine are all in the USA, Jackson-Winkeljohn MMA, American Kickboxing Academy, Team Alpha Male, American Top Team, Kings MMA, Blackzilians, Serra-Longo, and Glendale Fighting Club.

There are men’s and women’s divisions for MMA and weight classes.

Men’s MMA Weight Classes

  • Strawweight: 52.2 kg
  • Flyweight: 56.7 kg
  • Bantamweight: 61.2 kg
  • Featherweight: 65.8 kg
  • Lightweight: 70.3 kg
  • Welterweight: 77.1 kg
  • Middleweight: 63.9 kg
  • Light Heavyweight: 93 kg
  • Heavyweight: 120.2 kg

Women’s MMA Weight Classes

Strawweight: 52.2 kg
Flyweight: 56.7 kg
Bantamweight: 61.2 kg

Read the previews on Betopin and then consult the top list for the best MMA betting sites.

MMA Betting Platforms

All of the usual sports betting platforms can be used for betting on MMA. Where you place individual wagers will depend on your strategy and how that can best be carried out.

MMA Betting Exchanges

A major attraction of using a betting exchange for your MMA bets is that the odds are typically better than with a traditional bookmaker. Check out the betting exchange information on Betopin in order to intelligently choose the best MMA betting exchanges. Their features will vary from one to the next so you will want to choose the one that best matches how you wish to place your wagers.

MMA Sportsbooks

A sportsbook is basically a traditional bookmaker with the added feature of being available online. A good sportsbook offers many options for the punter and for many wagers may be the best option. Take a look at the Betopin list of top MMA betting sites to help narrow your choices.

MMA Spread Betting

MMA spread betting is not just wagering on the outcome of an MMA match. When you use spread betting your win gets bigger based on the magnitude of the victory. This is a betting platform where you can “buy” or “sell” a bet based on the current odds quote. Check out the information on Betopin on spread betting and consult the top list of best MMA betting sites to see which MMA spread betting platform offers the best betting options and most impressive promotions.

MMA Sports Trading

If you like greater flexibility in your MMA betting, consider a sports trading site. You can make a wager early in the season and then sell it or lay it off at a later date when the odds have changed in your favour. Think of a sports trading site like you would buying and selling property or stocks. You do not need to wait until the end of time to sell your house, auto, or stocks for a profit when the price changes. Check out information on Betopin about sports trading and consult the list of sites for your best betting options.

MMA Matched Betting

Matched betting is a technique used to take advantage of promotions offered by bookmakers. What one does is look for attractive promotions, ideally, 100% matches on an initial deposit. In order to benefit from the promotion, you will need to wager your deposit. With the matched betting strategy, you will go to an MMA betting exchange or MMA spread betting site and make the opposite wager. The plan is to let the two wagers cancel each other out. Then, you will use the promotion on the original site to place a “free” wager. Check out the info on Betopin Matched Betting for how to do this.

The Most Popular MMA Betting Markets

Worldwide the most popular MMA events are with UFC or Ultimate Fighting Championship as the matches are televised on ESPN. With a larger viewership comes more interest and more betting action. As such, more betting platforms are likely to cover UFC-related wagers. While the top gyms are mostly in the USA along with the majority of events televised on ESPN, the fighters are a good representation of the global fighting community. And, fights in London’s O2 Arena are common.

Top MMA Fighters

If you are simply interested in betting on the winner of an MMA match, you will need to know the rankings and who have proven themselves time and time again in the mixed martial arts arena. Here are the top ten with their affiliation, weight class, and records.

Jon Jones (UFC, 24-1 and one “no contest), heavyweight

Daniel Cormier (UFC, 21-1, one “no contest”), heavyweight, light-heavyweight

Khabib Nurmagomedov (UFC, 27-0), lightweight

Max Holloway (UFC, 20-3), featherweight

Demetrious Johnson (One, 27-3-1), flyweight

Henry Cejudo (UFC, 14-2), flyweight

Tony Ferguson (UFC, 26-3), welterweight

Amanda Nunes (UFC, 17-4), female bantamweight, featherweight

TJ Dillashaw (UFC, 17-4), bantamweight

Tyron Woodley (UFC, 19-3-1), welterweight

A few more to keep your eye on include Ryan Bader, the Bellator light heavyweight, and heavyweight champion, Conor McGregor, a UFC lightweight, Robert Whittaker, the UFC middleweight champion, UFC heavyweight Stipe Miocic, female UFC strawweight champ Rose Namajunas, and Cris Cyborg, a UFC featherweight.

When betting on MMA matches and especially the UFC ones, make sure to read any previews posted on Betopin and consult to top list to see who is offering the most attractive odds, best promotions, and widest range of betting options.

Best Ways to Bet on MMA

Although betting on the winners match by match is exciting and can be profitable, other options may be more attractive.

Method of Victory

Ron Jones may win his next heavyweight match but how will he do it? Will it be a knockout, a technical knockout, a decision on points when the match goes the distance, or a submission by an opponent pinned to the mat and tired of being pummelled time and time again? Depending on the skills of the two fighters and how their relative strengths and weakness match-up, the method of victory may be an excellent MMA betting option.

Total Rounds

It a match between two sluggers who virtually always knock out their opponent, it may be hard to decide who will prevail. But, what you can easily predict is that the fight will probably not last through all of the scheduled rounds. In this case a punter will place a wager of over or under a certain number of rounds. Do your homework by reading the Betopin previews and consult the top list for which betting site is offering the best odds for your desired wager.

Picking the Round of the Victory

Here you will be betting on Ron Jones to take out his opponent and do it in the first, second, or third round. Although Jones might be a strong favourite to win, by adding the exact round when you believe it will happen, you will get more attractive odds and a larger payout.

MMA Betting Parlays

With this wager, you combine two, three or more bets. For example, you pick Jones to win, you choose TKO as the method of victory, and you choose the third round. Each of these bets has its own odds but when a punter chooses a parlay the odds multiply and can become very attractive!


Many folks enjoy the action of mixed martial arts and have strong opinions about who is best and who will win the matches of the evening. But a punter who likes MMA and bets as well is really “putting their money where their mouth is.” Most punters will tell you that they enjoy MMA contests more when they have done a bit of research and placed a wager or two on the outcome. Of course, all of this is more enjoyable when you win your bets and win at favourable odds! So, come to Betopin, the best place to evaluate your betting options, preview the coming events, and use the toplist to find the best MMA betting sites.

You can also find all of Betopin’s best boxing betting sites here.

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