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What is the NBA?

The NBA is the most popular basketball league in the world, bringing together the best players and the most famous franchises of the basketball world. The main US championship, the NBA is divided into two separate conferences (East and West), in which 15 franchises are fighting to reach the NBA Playoffs at the end of the season. At the end of 82 regular season days, the top 8 teams of each conference (East and West) are selected for a final tournament. At the end of these Playoffs, the Western Conference Champion and Eastern Conference Champion then compete to become the NBA Grand Champion. All in all, a program that makes NBA basketball predictions one of the most interesting in the sports betting world.

Before making a prediction on the NBA, there are several numbers and statistics to think about in order to be successful in your betting. Already, you must know that the American basketball championship is, without any dispute, the most spectacular in the world. Each season, the matches regularly exceed the 210 points scored on the floor, where other championships struggle to offer meetings with more than 150 points scored. When a bookmaker offers you a chance to bet on a basketball game in the NBA, bet on the high enough number of points in the game. In general, bets like “+209.5 points” or “+201.5 points” will be offered to favourable odds, which would be a shame to miss out on.

The NBA promises to be a show, and the last season confirmed this. If we look at the NBA statistics, we see that in both West and East, teams have shown great accuracy in recent months. In the 2017-2018 year, for example, 106 average points were scored by the Eastern franchises, 106 points by the Western ones. A statistic that confirms that betting on the number of points will be a very reliable option for your NBA predictions.

Then, beyond the show, know that the advantage of the floor is also important in the NBA. You are being warned, sports betting sites usually offer great odds for franchises playing away from home. Do not be fooled! Beyond the behemoths like the Warriors, Raptors, Cavs or Rockets, teams playing in their halls are generally performing in the US championship. Last season, for example, has seen a total of 57% home wins for Eastern franchises, and 59% for Western franchises. In total, 58% of NBA games resulted in home wins last year, nearly six games out of ten. When you know that the draw is impossible (automatic extensions), there are 6 chances out of 10 to win your bet by predicting a victory for the home team.

Finally, the last interesting statistic for your NBA prediction, know that the differences in points are generally consistent between two franchises. Last year, for example, during the regular season, an average difference of 9 points was recorded at both Conferences. So certainly, the latter will depend mainly on the talent of the franchises, their current form and the starting 5 on the floor, but all the same, the odds remain good to take compared to bets offered on the market. Handicap offers are indeed systematically offered by the betting sites, so you know what to expect.

Betting on NBA Games

So, you know the stats to know before betting on the NBA. To go further, let’s look at the parameters not to neglect to establish a reliable NBA bet. First of all, it will, of course, take into account the shape and form of the key players of the franchises concerned before diving into having a bet. Take the example of the poster between the San Antonio Spurs and Houston Rockets, in the famous Texas Derby. Before the match, the rumour was finally validated, and James Harden will not be available to play the match. In this case, it will be better to avoid betting on the success of the Rockets, even if the odds remain correct. This reasoning will have to be applied to all the NBA matches on which you want to predict since the major players are still of paramount importance in the American basketball game.

Secondly, and this is more important in a competition like the NBA, it will be necessary to make sure of the real motivation of the two franchises for the meeting of the evening. Do they really need to win in this duel? Is there a real stake for both? Is there not, on the contrary, an issue in the meeting that will come after this one? All these questions, you will necessarily ask yourself before making your NBA prediction. A bet like “+225.5 points” will, for example, have less chance to pass in a meeting between a team that plays and the other that rests their main stars, only in a top-of-the-table clash between two giants would it make sense to row in with this bet. Before betting on the NBA, do not forget to look at the Western Conference and Eastern Conference rankings, which are always important before placing a bet.

Finally, last but not least, it will also very important to compare the odds before placing your bet on the NBA. Whether you want to bet on Houston, San Antonio, Toronto, Golden State, Cleveland, Chicago or Portland, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the competition among bookmakers to find the best odds on which to bet.

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Potential Big Impact Players

Markelle Fultz

This answer won’t surprise anyone, because it is likely to happen. Fultz was obviously chosen No.1 for a reason and although he got the yips and broke his jump shot, he has shown the capability of doing everything else.

Showing he could do it all but shoot, he low-key broke the record of becoming the youngest player in NBA history to record a triple-double.

Fultz also displayed some defensive potential and being a lengthy guard will certainly help him on that side of the ball.

He has been working with the highly-regarded trainer Drew Hanlen, who has reported that Fultz is a vastly different and improved player from what we witnessed last season, not to mention his disgusting shooting form and abilities.

Lonzo Ball

The player drafted behind Fultz in last year’s draft, Lonzo showed flashes of star potential throughout his rookie campaign, featuring high ups and low downs.

The only issue with his game is his aggressiveness and shot, but playing alongside LeBron James will certainly help work that out. He proved to be a good catch-and-shoot player and if there is one thing LeBron does, it’s get his guys open looks.

Another notable improvement is his body, Lonzo has obviously been hitting weights over the summer and that will help his ability to be aggressive and feel more confident in his ability to go toe-to-toe with other strong guards, like Patrick Beverley.

Frank Mason III

This pick is purely based on playing time – when he gets his deserved minutes will be his breakout year, which may not be this season.

Playing behind Deaaron Fox in Sacramento certainly contributed to his unnoticed talents, but when someone realises his skill, he will shine.

If he can move to a team in need of a point guard, like the Orlando Magic, I can see him blossoming.

Betting Platform

Basketball Betting Exchanges

Now, you can bypass traditional bookmakers and choose betting exchanges instead, where you can play against other gamblers. These exchanges match you with opponents who prefer to back outcomes of basketball games that differ from their predictions.

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Basketball Sportsbook

Traditional sportsbooks have no end of options when it comes to Rugby Union betting. Our reviewed sportsbooks are all well in touch with the world of basketball and provide you with all the right betting markets that you come to expect when betting with a trusted sportsbook.

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Basketball Spread Betting

There are two main kinds of spread betting: sports spread betting and financial. While there aren’t a whole lot to choose from, we’ve still scoured the internet to bring you the best platforms around.

With this type of wagering, instead of betting on a straight forward outcome of win or lose on a Rugby Union match, punters can place wagers on a range of possibilities, like the winning margin, how many try’s will be scored and so on. The range of betting opportunities is endless.

In other words, you bet against a spread that covers an outcome. There are two prices involved: a buy price and a sale price. It’s up to you to judge what you think a final outcome will be and then buy if you think the prediction is too low or sell if you feel it’s too high.

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Most Popular Basketball Betting Markets

Total Player Points

This market is quite popular on game days where you can bet on your favourite player to score over or under a set amount of points set by the bookmaker. You won’t get life-changing odds but you will have a betting interest in the game for a long period.

Total Game Points

This market is on the same lines as Total Player Points as that you will be able to bet on your team scored a certain amount of point in their respected game.

Handicap Betting

This bet gives you the chance to enhance you’re the odds of your bet by taking a minus starting score against your rival team, e.g you start with a –7 points tally and to win your team will have to win by 8 points or more.

The same can be done if you want to add points to teams score at the beginning of the game, all they have to do is maintain the margin at the final buzzer.


With the number of games played in the regular season of the NBA, this gives you no end of opportunities to get the best out of our basketball betting tips with our top list of bookmakers. Our basketball betting experts are avid fans and are out to help you make the winning basket and beat the bookies.

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