Best Pool Betting Sites

Are you interested in learning about pool betting? Or do you already have an interest in pool betting but want to find out more about the best pool betting sites in the UK currently? Whichever question you have answered yes to, you are in the right place to find out more.

Below we have information that will help any beginner to pool betting; we will cover the basics in addition to where you can place bets in the UK. We will provide you with information about different types of bets that you can place and the pros and cons of pool betting sites and pool bets.

If you already know the basics, then feel free to jump straight to our reviews of the top pool betting sites available online right now. Online pool betting has increased in popularity in recent years as sports betting has seen an increase in popularity also.

If you are new to online sports betting, we recommend you read our guide in full to ensure you understand pool betting in full and get the most out of the bets that you place.

There are multiple sites that offer free bets with your first deposit, and some will offer a free bet when creating an account. If you are unsure about placing pool bets, then using free bets can be the best way to try pool betting without any risk to your own cash.

What is Pool Betting?

Pool betting is one of the most used ways to place a bet and is a common form of wagering worldwide. The basic premise of pool betting is that the money wagered from all bets will be divided between the specific winners of that bet.

Before the amount is decided, any taxes and fees for handling the bet will have been deducted so that the winner does not have to pay these amounts. A very popular form of pool betting is a lottery where you win an amount based on the number of tickets sold.

Traditional bookmaking is viewed as a risky form of wagering for the bookmaker. If the bookmaker has given fixed odds to their customers and an unexpected result occurs, the bookmaker could make a loss on the bets.

The amount of this loss, depending on the amount, could be enough to put the bookmaker out of business. Therefore, betting pools where the prize is not more than the cumulative amount of the past amounts bet will mean that the bookmaker or betting site will never be running at a loss.

You can place bets using betting pools for numerous sports bets; there are sports betting sites offering horse racing pools, football pools, and more. Most pool betting sites will offer a free bet when you first sign up to the site, which can be used on football, horse racing, or other sports of your choice.

However, it is best to note that the free bet stakes may not be the same as the stakes given when using cash for betting pools. Free bets are an excellent way to find out if pool betting is for you and if you understand the way that it works.

If you are interested in football pool betting, it is worth using free bets for this, regardless of the amount available to win. You can then begin to place smaller football pool bets until you are comfortable with this form of betting.

Top 5 Pool Betting Sites in the UK

There are numerous pool betting sites available in the UK for football, horse racing, and more. However, it can be difficult, as a new pool better, to know which of the various pool betting websites are the best to use.

With so many websites offering a variety of free bet and new customer offers, it can become overwhelming to know where to start. This can lead to missed free bets and fewer betting markets to win from.

We have gathered the details of the five best pool betting sites that are available in the UK currently.


Quinnbet is one of the newer pool betting sites currently available for UK customers, but that does not detract from the fantastic betting experience customers have. This is a family-run bookmaker and website that is only for English and Irish customers.

With multiple offers, including free bets, betting markets, and sports available, we can see why this website is moving quickly up the popularity lists.

The registration process is very straightforward for this betting site; you will be given a form to complete your personal information after clicking on the ‘register’ button on any page. After completing your personal details and creating your username, you will need to accept the terms and conditions and confirm your age; this is standard for all betting websites.

Once you confirm this and click the ‘join now’ button at the bottom of the form, you will be taken through the verification process. Verifying your identity when creating your account is a must for online security and ensuring the correct access to your account. We are very happy to see a robust process in place on Quinnbet’s website.

Deposit and Withdrawal

It is apparent quite quickly to any seasoned online betting customers that the deposit and withdrawal options are somewhat limited in comparison to bigger brands. However, there is a variety of different methods available with quick processing times and no fees for depositing or withdrawing funds.

The minimum deposit for all methods is £10, and the maximum withdrawal for each of the methods is £10,000 giving excellent flexibility when accessing your cash.

Welcome offer

Quinnbet has a number of different welcome offers available, from free bets to free spins, money back on early losses, to specific offers on certain sports and games. We have also noticed that Quinnbet will offer exclusive welcome offers and bonuses for signing up for an account through certain affiliated sites or reviews.

This is an excellent way to incentivise customers to sign up for an account while ensuring that the maximum number of people will have access to an offer they will use. It is worth noting that casino losses qualify separately when looking at the 50% back as a free bet on loss offers.

In addition to pools betting, this website offers traditional fixed odds betting and sportsbook betting. This ensures that there is something for everyone on this up-and-coming betting site.

After signing up for an account and using your welcome offer, you can be sure of other promotions being available regularly to enhance your betting experience. This includes daily and weekly specials, in addition to specific game offers and more.

While there is no current loyalty program in place, the offers available are certainly enough for new customers to make use of for now.

Quinnbet already has both Apple and Android apps available, meaning you can place your bets and check the status of your live bets on the go.

This site also gets high customer reviews and repeat customers, which is always a good sign for a new online betting site.

William Hill

Even if you are a new customer, you will be very likely to have heard the name William Hill in relation to betting in the past. William Hill is one of the biggest bookmakers in the UK and has a strong online presence in addition to physical betting shops.

William Hill has been offering customers bets for almost a century and has curated the offers available over this time.

Registering for a William Hill account is as simple as Quinnbet, with the entry of personal information to begin to create your user ID and password. Once this has been created, you will be asked to verify your identity.

William Hill very strictly enforces the one account per customer rule; this is done by checking the email address you use when signing up or signing into your account. However, in addition to checking the email address, the William Hill website checks the IP address you are using to sign in to ensure that all rules are complied with.

Deposit and Withdrawal

As you would expect with one of the main betting websites for the UK market, there are numerous deposit and withdrawal options available for customers to use. With minimum deposits for some methods as low as £5 and maximum withdrawal amounts of £99,000 for some options, you have a much bigger range with this site.

As with other sites, the processing times are instant for most banking methods, and there are no fees for either deposit or withdrawal.

Welcome Offer

The current welcome offer is a free bet amount when you make your first deposit, with a £10 deposit earning you £30 in free bets in two equal amounts. The £30 in free bets offer is only given if you use a promotional code when setting up your account, so please ensure you enter the code so you do not miss out on the free bets.

In addition to both horse racing pools and football pool betting, William Hill offers a range of other fixed odds bets. William Hill pool betting is very simple, and the details of what makes a qualifying bet are easy to read and understand.

Although there is no current loyalty offer, there are other offers available regularly on the William Hill website, so we recommend that you check the promotions page regularly to make the most of the free bet and other offers that are available for horse racing and other sports betting.

William Hill offers a fantastic mobile app with exclusive mobile offers when using or signing up for an account through the app.

Another site with excellent customer reviews, we recommend that you read through the reviews and testimonials of UK customers before signing up if you are still unsure if this is the right website for you.


Betfred is another longstanding betting company for UK customers, with over fifty years of experience in betting pools, horse racing, football, and many other sports. Betfred have both physical shops to place your bets as well as a well-loved and well-used online website.

When registering for your Betfred account, you may be concerned to see that the registration form shows five steps to complete. However, do not be alarmed as you are asked for the same information as all other betting sites, just in smaller chunks, so it looks like more to complete.

The registration process is, as expected of such a major betting site, simple and secure to complete.

Deposit and Withdrawal

Again, as a major bookmaker, there are several different deposit and withdrawal options available to customers with varying minimum and maximum amounts available. For this site, we recommend you check the details of the deposit and withdrawal type you are interested in for more information.

Welcome Offer

Betfred is another company with a free bet offer when making your first deposit, currently £40 in free bets when depositing £10. If the free bet is the main offer you are looking for, this is one of the best available for pools betting right now.

However, it is always best to check what the amount of each qualifying bet has to be and the bet settlement amounts for free bets. You should also check if there are any min odds or maximum odds that have to be chosen when placing a free bet and how soon free bets credited to your account will be available.

With Betfred, you will find a good pool betting site for football betting pools and horse racing pools, in addition to standard bets available on football matches and other sports.

With an app available via both Android and Apple, you can keep track of your bets and check minimum odds and accumulated odds at any time.

The Pools

The Pools is possibly one of the most well-known names in pool betting, with many customers placing their first bet via this website. The registration process for this site is easy, with automatic verification for most new customers after first entering your personal information.

However, if your details do need to be verified, the verification process is simple and secure to ensure that you are able to place your first bet as quickly as possible.

Deposit and Withdrawal

This is the most limited option of all of the sites we have reviewed, with only one method available. You can only deposit or withdraw on this website using a debit card. Although this is limiting for some customers, it is still possible to make deposits and withdrawals easily and quickly with no fees.

Welcome Offer

The Pools offers £20 in free bets after depositing and betting £10. You have to make your first qualifying bet and stake at least £10 before the four £5 free bets will be released to your account. However, the £10 stake does not need to all be used on your first bet, with multiple bets allowed to make up the £10.

The free bet amounts must be used within seven days of your first bet settlement.

The Pools has a mobile app available on both Apple and Android. Although both the website and app are basic in design, there are numerous betting markets available, and the app and website are effective.


Betfair is an international company that offers a number of betting options if you want to play pool betting, sportsbook betting, and more. Betfair pool betting is easy to navigate once you have set up your account.

The registration process is extremely quick, with all of the information you need to provide requested on one page. After completing this, you will be set up to use your new account. As part of the Paddy Power group, you have the benefit of years of experience in what makes a good betting experience.

Deposit and Withdrawal

Betfair has the most varied deposit and withdrawal options of most online betting websites used in the UK. The minimum and maximum amounts vary, as with other sites, with most offering instant processing times and no fees to pay. As some payment restrictions apply, it is best to check the payment methods individually before making a deposit or withdrawal.

Welcome Offer

Betfair offers a deposit for free bets credited to your account welcome offer; this is available with a promotional code with free bets paid once your deposit has cleared. Other free bets are available, but it is worth noting that free bets expire if not used in time, and sportsbook bets qualify in addition to pool bets towards the free bet amount.

When placing your first cash bet on the Betfair website, you may wish to look at the available betting tips if you are new to online betting.

Although Betfair is most well known for its betting exchange, there has been a racing pool bet added as an additional option to exchange betting. This does make Betfair an attractive option, as although your first bet may be placed on a classic pools game, you can then choose to move bonus funds ahead to other types of betting.

With the ability to receive several times your deposit amount back as a free bet on any game, we can see why this website is so popular.

Why Choose a Pool Betting Site

A pool betting website is the best option when wishing to place a bet on horse racing or football pools. While this may sound obvious, there are other websites that will offer pool betting to customers with lower bet settlement options.

There are different types of pool betting that you may choose, although more complex options, such as tote pool betting, may not be the best option for your first racing pool bet. If you are interested in tote betting, you should consider the type of sport you wish to place bets for tote betting.

Tote betting is the method of placing all bets within a betting pool on the same type of bet. For example, tote bets in horse racing pool betting would be placed on a Placepot, meaning each person would bet on a horse ‘placing’ within certain races on the day.

Tote betting rewards a wider range of options for a bet than a standard pools bet with a specific outcome. You can also find tote betting available in a football betting pool; if tote betting is something you are interested in, it is best to find online pool betting websites that offer tote betting, as not all sites offer this.

In addition to the betting companies we have mentioned about you, there are further betting websites, such as Colossus Bets, that offer the same benefits. Colossus Bets is a lesser-known website but it is gaining popularity among pool betters.

Pros & Cons of Pool Betting

There are several pros and cons to pool betting, which we have outlined below:


  • There are no odds when placing a pools bet on horse racing, football pools, or any other type of pool bet. This means that you will not be looking at min odds or maximum odds when deciding how much to wager and what your return will be.
  • There is an equal chance of winning for everyone who places a bet, wagers money, or uses free bets credited to their account.
  • An unlikely bet that wins will mean you receive something from the pool rather than with single or accumulated odds where your bet settles based on the fixed odds available at the time of betting.


  • As there are no odds in pool betting, betting companies will not always show how much you will actually win, often showing a maximum jackpot amount. Each win would not generate the maximum amount, and therefore unlike fixed odds, you will not win a different amount based on your stake.
  • The amount you can win will depend on the number of other betters in the betting pool, as the pool betting system will only pay out up to the maximum amount placed in bets.
  • If several people have placed the same bet in the betting pool, the overall winnings will be split between all winners, reducing the amount you will receive.

Pool Betting vs Fixed Odds Betting

Being part of a betting pool for football betting, horse racing pools, or any other physical or online betting pool is a way of placing a cash bet where you can win up to the value of the total amount bet.

Whereas in fixed odds betting, you will win an amount based on the stake you have bet and the odds that the bookmaker is offering. This means that you will need to consider the min odds for each bet before you know how much you will win.

If you are among the winners of a betting pool, you will receive a share of the total amount available. In comparison, fixed odd betting relies on minimum odds, and the highest placed wager will give you a different return depending on the odds.

Summary of Pool Betting Sites

Pool betting websites are a way to place lower stakes to win from the pool; in addition to various sports betting pools, lotteries are also operated as betting pools. The total pool value cannot exceed the value of the tickets bought. The amount used as the prize pot for the betting pool will then be shared among the winners.


Are there different types of pool bets?

There are numerous types of pool bets, including win, trifecta, placepot, jackpot, and exacta. Each has different rules, so you should always look at the details of each type of bet before placing a bet.

Can you bet on different sports in pool betting?

Several sports are available for betting pools in addition to non-sports bets.

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