Best Social Betting Apps & Sites in the UK

Social betting sites have been around for quite some time but have mostly focused on slots and table games to keep gamblers entertained. However, with the arrival of social sports betting apps, things are changing.

You may gamble on your favourite sports, such as horse racing or the beautiful game of football, in a new way with social betting bookmakers. Join bespoke tournaments to compete for cash prizes, or connect with betting markets to share your winnings on social media.

Furthermore, many sports betting organisations are beginning to use social media to communicate with their consumers. You may contact customer service via social media or request special odds on major sports and markets.

What Is Social Betting?

Because social betting is a relatively new concept that is constantly evolving, there is no one definition.

A social betting site is one that contains some form of social features, such as a community forum, a method for users to contribute tips, or an active social presence. Many of the biggest UK online betting services now allow clients to utilise social media to request a wager, which is subsequently put into the sportsbook for other users to view.

Expert suggestions are included on certain social betting sites, and there are even leaderboards where consumers can check out their records before determining whether or not to follow the guidance.

Other aspects of social betting include betting incentives like refer-a-friend promotions, which encourage clients to urge friends and family to sign up in order to receive a special offer.

Many of the top online UK best social betting sites include a trending bets area, which is also an element of social betting. Users may view which wagers are being selected by other customers at the time.

While social betting may appear to be an afterthought at some large online betting sites, particularly those that adopt a conventional approach, it is an integral feature of many new betting sites and the best social betting apps.

Because social betting is evolving at a quick pace, like casino bonus features, it is possible that new ideas and breakthroughs will arise in this interesting field in the next months and years.

There are already many great social betting apps available for new UK players, and more open up around the world every month! Some even offer free bets for users when they make their first bet.

Social Betting Exchanges

Social betting sites like SBK allow you to select the min odds that are best for you. You can share tips and wagers with other players and earn bragging rights when things go your way, adding even more fun and excitement to the social betting experience.

Pros and Cons of Social Betting in the UK

For many sports fans in the United Kingdom, the purpose of social betting may be confusing. The ideal approach to consider social betting is as a means to enhance a user’s betting experience with added social elements and free bets on top of usual casino bonus features.

The best social betting apps in the UK, for example, now urge their users to feel like they are part of a community with additional social elements such as live streaming. This implies that betting at one of them might seem similar to going to a physical betting shop, even if consumers can do it from the comfort of their own homes.

While brick-and-mortar traditional bookmakers are returning as the global pandemic subsides, many individuals have become accustomed to betting online on regular betting sites instead. They may, however, miss the social side of visiting a betting shop, where friends and acquaintances are likely to be enjoying the games.

With social betting, you have the opportunity to meet new people who share your interests. For example, on social betting platforms like Unibet and Betfair, there are active forums where individuals can discuss a variety of issues while also highlighting some good value wagers, great min odds, and free bets.

Social betting also makes use of the technology that is now available through cell phones for online bookmakers. Many of the main betting sites in the UK have mobile social betting apps for iOS and Android, but they seldom leverage all of the technical capabilities provided by a smartphone.

Mobile betting applications are frequently a part of a betting brand’s mobile betting site. A distinct strategy is used with UK social betting applications, one that is largely viewed as mobile-first.

This might help people understand more about their own top betting behaviours. Viewing recommendations and live bets from other gamblers may also assist you with choosing winning choices for bet settlement.

With social media being such an important part of most people’s everyday lives – checking popular apps like Facebook and Twitter while watching the big game is normal for many sports fans – it makes sense for betting companies to be active on these platforms.

Allowing users to place their own bets enhances the ‘second screen’ experience and encourages them to be creative with their qualifying bet choices – more so than traditional bookmakers are able to.

The advantages of social betting and social media channels for “the business” are obvious. It is believed that the mix of social and betting features will draw in a younger audience. Being able to provide a more tailored experience will appeal to more individuals over time.

Gamified goods are currently available at several of the UK’s online casino sites, and it is probable that this will be the case with sports betting sites as well, expanding the social betting package available.

With some companies now letting consumers publish their bets on social media networks, social media betting is something to keep an eye on and might be a significant future social betting development as well.

How do Social Betting Apps work?

Social betting applications operate in a number of ways. They essentially serve as a way to discover and discuss sports bets, share tips, and connect with the betting community through a specialised app that also enables you to place free bets.

During live events, you will most likely stay involved with the community by receiving updated scores, live comment streams for peer-to-peer betting engagement, and much more.

People are mostly seeking tips and guidance on where to put their money, and the top social sports betting apps offer a platform to follow other, more successful gamblers.

Best Social Betting Apps

Social betting simply works exceptionally well on mobile. Consider how individuals connect with social media sites, which they do frequently on the go and at any time of day. The social betting app fits quite nicely into how we are used to using comparable, non-betting-centred apps.

Furthermore, social betting software is designed with casual users in mind. Its mobile presence is the consequence of an emphasis on usability, as is the case with the finest betting applications in general.

While it may be good for people who prefer to discuss a market in depth with other users, the social betting app is also ideal for the casual player, allowing them to bet like an expert without putting in all the extra work. Let’s take a look at some of the best social betting apps for new customers across the world (location exclusions apply in some markets).

Paddy Power

Facebook, particularly Twitter, allowed the successful Irish corporation Paddy Power to kick things up to the next level, and its social media staff is without a doubt the finest in the business.

Paddy Power does an incredible job of delighting sports betting enthusiasts with a slew of creative, hilarious, and quirky promos, videos, jokes, and everything in between that are a normal part of daily life for those who follow them on these platforms. They have added “Paddy Power Social” to their app in an attempt to set the bar even higher.

William Hill

Sports fans may be surprised to find that William Hill, one of the most conventional UK bookmakers, has just incorporated a social element into its online business.

As early as 2016, William Hill joined the Betfect social betting apps network, indicating that firm management felt the social bet market might be the future of the industry.

Customers at William Hill, like those at Paddy Power, may use social betting to generate their own bet on the sportsbook. #YourOdds is the hashtag you should use for social betting at William Hill.


Bet Snap is an innovative online and mobile bookie that allows players to compete in football betting tournaments. Tournaments (dubbed “Snaps”) are made up of many matches on which you must make predictions. Choose from Bet Snap’s pre-made list of matches, or make your own bet. You and your opponent will each earn 1000 points to spend in the games.

You may then keep an eye on the points leaderboard while watching the game to see who is in the lead. It is also possible to put live in-play bets while the game is in progress. Tournament awards are often “snappies” – Bet Snap’s in-app currency. Snappies can be used to enter future events. You will also receive a ranking that you can use to compete with friends and other gamers.


SBK is powered by Smarkets, one of the world’s largest online bet exchanges. SBK allows you to establish your own odds or accept a price supplied by another gambler. The SBK lobby has a list of markets and odds, but the Price+ function is the true draw. You may compare odds between Price+ and the major rival bookies using Price+.

SBK betting distinguishes itself from other exchanges by emphasising a sense of community. Read other players’ predictions or make your own and post them publicly. You may also see which SBK clients are on a roll and follow their bet choices. In addition, SBK allows you to compete against your friends in leaderboard challenges.


Leaderboards are the order of the day at social betting apps like BetBull. BetBull has a number of leaderboards where you may compete against other knowledgeable sports bettors. See who can make the most money by joining the Top Winners, Top Yielders, or Top Influencers.

You may also get followers who will keep track of every bet and win you make. In addition, when you download the BetBull mobile apps, you will receive a welcome bonus. Start your trip with free bets and free spins at the BetBull mobile casino.

How to Download Social betting apps

It is simple to get started and make your first bet with the best social betting apps on the market. You may use your Android or Apple smartphone to install a native app in order to bet. Simply go to the iOS App Store or the Google Play Store for Android. Some social betting apps for Android devices will also give a .apk file for easy installation.

  1. To find the dedicated app you want, go to the software Store (apple device) or the Google Play Store (for Android users).
  2. To begin the installation, click the download button. Make a note of the minimum operating system and memory size necessary. In order to register a social betting app account in the UK, you must be 18 or older.
  3. Once installed, use the app and fill out the registration form. Please provide your entire name, date of birth, and home address, as well as your phone number and email address.
  4. To validate your account, click the email link or use SMS verification.
  5. You may also be required to verify your identification by uploading a scan of your passport or driving licence, as well as a copy of a recent utility bill.
  6. Deposit money and Make your first bet! Payment restrictions apply in some places, particularly for Malta customers, so keep an eye out. In some cases, these apply to deposits and withdrawals, and in others, they affect only deposits. A debit card usually works. Once you have got that sorted, you can make your first bet! check the max refund before you pay, though.

Features exclusive to social betting platforms

So, what distinguishes new UK social betting applications from traditional online sportsbooks? For starters, you do not have to put any money down to bet on the horses or your favourite sports club. Other characteristics distinguish social sportsbooks. Let’s look at a few of them.

Chat features — It is known as a social betting app for a reason: most of them include a social aspect that we do not find on traditional betting websites. While using the app, you can communicate with your contacts, trade advice and updates. Rudeness and hostility are not accepted on any social sports betting app and may result in your suspension from social betting options.

Friend-to-friend betting —That’s right, the best social betting app options will allow you to place a bet straight against your friends. Consider it similar to a parimutuel bet in horse racing, when a wager is placed against other participants. You can bet against friends around the world!

Referral promotions – There has never been a better time to enjoy a special bonus or two than at a decent social sportsbook. Social betting is based on promotions and free bets that go beyond the standard sign-up incentives. You will often find exclusive bonus offers for new and existing customers here!

Sweepstakes – Sweepstakes tournaments are unquestionably one of the most popular features of the finest social betting applications. Sweepstakes are large leaderboard-style tournaments that occur on social betting applications. The player with the most victories receives a special prize, while runner-ups frequently profit from the common pot.

Best Social betting sites to Wager today

There are many great social betting website choices available in 2023, and any of the top social betting sites we’ve listed above in our top social betting apps section would be a great starting point for any new users. They all have a great community feel, and you should be able to find a promo code offering free bets for new customers on most of them.

Our top tips for Social Betting Sites

How can you make the most of your social betting experience? Aside from selecting the finest social betting applications, there are several pointers to bear in mind. Here are a few of our favourite hacks.

Begin with the basics

If you are new to sports betting, do not start with anything too sophisticated because it can harm your whole experience. Keep it simple with moneyline bets at min odds. Once you have mastered those, you may broaden your betting and even construct parlay-type bets using more complex wagers.

Look for promotions

We have already established how social sportsbooks prioritise strong promos. Look around the web for promo codes and the like – free bet stakes are not too hard to find, and a few free bets can make a big difference.

Do not be afraid of live betting

This is one of the most exciting elements of sports betting, so do not be put off by your inexperience. Make easy bets at min odds and use any qualifying bet to participate. You will be a pro before you know it.

Keep an eye on who you associate with

Do not get carried away by what other players are doing, as you should with anything else. Just because someone else has made a monetary gamble that you cannot afford does not obligate you to do the same. If you are more comfortable sticking to free bets, then stick to free bets!

Social Betting FAQs

How can I get a social betting app?

The majority of applications are really simple to install. Simply go to your Apple Store or Google Play Store, select the correct app, and follow the download instructions. Some websites will provide specialised applications for certain devices.

Are all social betting websites available on mobile?

Most social sportsbooks are only available via app download on your mobile device. Others provide the option of downloading an APK on Android devices.

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