William Hill Plus Card: Benefits & How to Use

If you have run across the William Hill betting shop chain and online site before, then you have most likely heard of the William Hill Plus card. While online and in-store betting have always been at odds, the William Hill Plus card is an attempt to combine them in a very interesting way.

Whether you already have a William Hill online account and were about to try the card or are just curious about what it can do. This article will break down the William Hill Plus card: specifically the benefits, quirks, and overall value of using one for yourself.

What Is The William Hill Plus Card?

The William Hill Plus card is a card that is directly linked to your William Hill account. This makes it a physical representation of your web app account, allowing you to withdraw money and place bets manually in-store while using your online account.

William Hill offers this card as a way to make betting with digitally-stored cash direct, allowing you to manage your online William Hill account and your local William Hill bet shop bets at the same time.

The card is split into two distinct pieces, making up the entire Plus system. These are:

  • The William Hill Plus Card is a physical card that you can use at a betting shop to bet in-store, withdraw money from your online betting account and manage your account’s offline betting activity.
  • The William Hill Plus Card App is the app component that turns your mobile or tablet device into a betting control system. This lets you control your online account balance, transfer winnings, use online funds at betting shops and use betting terminals comfortably.

Together, these two elements create the William Hill Plus system. If you are paying at a William Hill betting shop counter, then having both of these tools can give you access to a wide range of alternative ways to manage your online funds.

5 Benefits of Having a William Hill Plus Card

William Hill is one of the UK’s most notable betting sites, and William Hill betting shops still appear all across the county. The William Hill Plus system provides a way to connect your online account to your in-store betting through your mobile device.

This means that a William Hill Plus Card comes with several major advantages, including:

Simple Account Management

Having a William Hill Plus Card means that your online William Hill account and your in-store betting are effectively merged together. The William Hill Plus web app lets you transfer winnings to your online account or withdraw some money to use in sports betting shops.

The William Hill Plus Card app system ensures that you can bet on real and virtual markets in the same way, getting cash direct from your online account to use as you please. Since your William Hill account becomes fully connected, you can also manage your spending and winnings a lot easier.

Easier Money Transfers

The simplicity of William Hill cash direct transfers using the William Hill Plus system makes a big difference. You can send online winnings into your account in seconds, draw out more money to use on open bets, or even play safe by keeping all your money stored online until you need it.

The William Hill Plus account transfer and management options make the Plus Card great for transferring money quickly and easily. This is a great advantage in general, but it really helps for live games with live scores where every wasted second at the William Hill counter matters.

Easier Cash-In and Cash-Out

The William Hill Plus system allows for easy cash-outs, as well as much faster in-shop bets. If you do not have cash in hand and want to make a quick bet before you lose your chance, then the system makes it very easy to both place that bet and store the winnings away in your online account.

Not only that, but the William Hill Plus web app provides an easy way to cash out your in-store wagers before a match even ends, saving you plenty of time if you bet frequently.

Instant Withdrawals

Being able to withdraw your money instantly skips the constant 3-5 day waiting periods that so many bookmakers are forced to rely on. The William Hill Plus system allows you to make bets instantly or cash out your winnings (both offline and online) at any betting shop in almost no time.

Even on its own, this feature would make William Hill Plus worthwhile. Having a Plus Card lets you skip the cash-in delays and make immediate withdrawals whenever you need to, helping you move money around faster without having to account for waiting periods.

Exclusive Offers

The William Hill Plus Card entitles you to exclusive bonuses and promotions meant only for Plus Card holders, covering a range of in-shop bets and online betting features. If nothing else, this gives new customers an extra set of bonuses to play with.

Note that some of these bonuses may have their own specific restrictions and criteria to follow, such as excluding virtual markets from the betting options that they cover.

Guide to Using a William Hill Plus Card

Using a William Hill Plus Card is not that hard, and the process has been kept intentionally simple so that new customers can jump right into using their Plus Card comfortably.

All you need to do is go to your local William Hill bet shop, get to a betting terminal, enter your selection and tap your Plus Card against the contactless card reader.

This terminal will take the money straight from your sportsbook account to place your wager instantly, completely skipping the need to use alternative payment methods like Apple Pay. The bet is then added directly to your Plus Card app, letting you use the Plus web app to monitor your bet – as well as the event that you bet on.

Once the bet is settled, any winnings will be sent right to your Plus account, letting you use the Plus Card account to wager both online and offline (or withdraw your winnings normally).

To recap the betting: go to your local William Hill shop, enter your betting selection in the terminal, tap your William Hill Plus Card against the contactless reader, and let the Plus Card do its work.

If you get stuck, you will always have on-screen instructions to follow, and you can always ask one of the employees at the William Hill bet shop for assistance.

How to Join the William Hill Plus Card

Joining the William Hill Plus system requires a valid William Hill account, so you will have to open up your account as normal. If you already have an account at William Hill, you can use that – if not, you will need to create one.

If you are making a new account, be sure to check for welcome bonus offers and other features that you might want to take advantage of as a new player. You will not be able to claim these from William Hill’s website later.

New customers will also need to verify their identity, just like on most other betting sites. This would be required for placing a bet anyway, so look into the required documents for verification.

Where to get a William Hill Plus Card

Once you are signed up (or back into your old account), you can claim a card in one of two ways – requesting one by mail or going to a William Hill shop and asking there.

The latter option is faster, so this might be a good option if you have free bets credited and do not want to see the free bets expire before you use them. You will need to provide your William Hill credentials and your ID in either case.

If you are getting the card in-store, then the employee will encode a Plus Card and hand it over. If you have ordered remotely, then you will need to wait for the card to be physically delivered. In either case, all that is left is to access it.

How to activate the card

Activating the card is easy: go to a betting terminal (one should be right next to you if you are in-store) and press your card against the screen. Then, follow the instructions on the screen.

Activating your card is necessary if you want to use it at all, so make sure to activate it as soon as possible. If you are not already in a shop, you will need to visit one to activate it there.

William Hill Plus Card Web App

Alongside the Plus Card itself is the Plus web app, or Plus Card app. This is the app portion of the system mentioned earlier and the main way that you will monitor events you bet on and manage your online winnings.

The app may also be necessary for claiming free bet offers, checking important information (like a bet slip number), or exploring other betting options like System Bets.

William Hill Plus vs William Hill Cash Direct

The William Hill Cash Direct system, allows you to print vouchers for cashing out your winnings, meaning that you can cash out the winnings in a physical shop. While this can be good for getting cash in hand, it is still more limited than the Plus Card.

The Plus web app and greater Plus system, meanwhile, enable you to bet online and in-shop using the same account. Rather than just printing a bet slip/barcode out to claim winnings, you can have the money sent straight to your account.

Cash Direct is also missing the integration. Through the card, William Hill players can use the entire app, whether that is for pushing cash in their online accounts or monitoring a bet live from their own phones.

Tips for using a William Hill Plus Card to Maximise your Wagering

Aside from the unique bonus features that a Plus Card can allow you to earn, being in the William Hill Plus system means that you can manage your money a lot more effectively.

Not only can you get free bet bonuses simply by owning the card, but the simple registration process and flexibility of the faster transfers make it easy to spread money around faster.

William Hill Plus Card FAQ

Are William Hill licensed to offer Plus Cards?

The Plus system is fully legal, and William Hill is licensed and registered by the UK Gambling Commission. If you want to play safe games and make safe bets, then William Hill is reliable and will not put your bank account or card details in any danger.

Of course, since these cards only work at their official gaming machines, you should never run into a situation where you need to use your Plus Card with an unlicensed piece of software.

Can the William Hill Plus Card earn bonuses and free bets?

The free bets and other bonuses that Plus Card holders can earn will change over time. For example, one free bet bonus might be tied to fixed odds gaming machines, while another free bet bonus may require you to meet a min odds qualifying bet amount to earn.

Of course, this all depends on the bonus and whether or not you can meet the criteria to activate it with your betting. A £10 in free bets bonus that requires min odds and a qualifying bet settlement will be very different to a £50 free bet bonus that players can only earn after their first qualifying bet of a much higher minimum amount.

In simple terms, free bets and other bonuses are readily available and easy to earn, but you would still need to follow the terms of the free bets and earn the free bets normally to use them. This includes some of the special bonuses specifically for Plus Card users.

Do my William Hill Online Account and Plus Card expire?

William Hill may freeze the Plus holder’s account if a card is inactive for thirty days or more, which is also the usual expiry time of any card-exclusive bonus features. Of course, in most situations, your card should remain usable as long as you don’t neglect or misuse it.

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