The Top 3 Betting Exchanges (and what makes them stand out)…

Want the best odds online? (Compare the top three betting exchange sites here)

Since Betfair launched in 2000, the online sports betting market has been revolutionized.

Until then, if the average punter wanted to lay a bet or profit when a horse or team loses they had to spread bet on sports.

But betting exchanges open up a world or complex marco spreadsheets, developers pluggins in APIs, bookies providing more liquidity and market making.  Having the ability to close of bets early and hedge short and long term bets was a god send.

The main advantage of a betting exchange is that you get much better odds that a fixed odds bookie.  You;re not betting against the house, rather other punters who are laying bets.  So there is no conflict of interests.  Betting exchanges actually want you to win and sit in the middle collecting commission on won bets.

After Betfair came a few other exchanges.  The best betting exchanges are the ones that provide the most liquidity, meaning you can bet or lay big or small o a wide range of markets.  There are only a few companies operating in sector as opposed to traditional fixed odds bookies the set up costs are very high.

A quick summary of the top three betting exchanges:


The original, biggest and best.  They offer good liquidity on most markets and anyone interested in betting this way should certainly have an account.  They also offer fixed odds, poker and slots games.  The only thing that lets the betting exchange down is the higher commission rate of 5%.


Are an up and comer trying to win business from Betfair by offering a lower commission rate around 2%.  You also get a £10 welcome bet when you open an account.  They have decent enough liquidity and prices in the main markets, by for secondary ones such as horses to place they are a bit weak.


Started just after Betfair in 2000 based in Ireland.  They provide good liquidity and at first some arbitrage possibilities.  The markets are so tight now that there aren’t quite so many opportunities for that.  They still have very good odds for new customers give a £50 welcome bet which is worth getting on it’s own.

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Smarkets BetDaq Matchbook Spreadex Karamba Sporting Index William Hill Betfair
£10 no risk bet for new accounts Claim Offer Up to £1,000 commission cash back Claim Offer Up to £500 commission cashback Claim Offer iPad or £300 cashback in your first 28 days Claim Offer £10 Free Bet Claim Offer £100 to get you started Claim Offer Bet £10 and get £30 in free bets £10 risk free bet Claim Offer
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