Virtual Betting Sites – How to Bet on Virtual Sports

Whether you’re into tennis, football or the ponies, betting on virtual sports is the perfect way to enjoy a whole lot more flexibility in your online betting endeavours. Today, there are tons of virtual betting sites online that let you bet on your favourite virtual sports whenever you want to. It’s a matter of finding the best virtual betting sites for your needs.

How do you find the best virtual betting sites? At Betopin, of course! Our team to go to great lengths to find all the best online sportsbooks that offer virtual sports betting. We bring you’re the best sites with the most decent return on your virtual sports bets, too.

Everything You Need to Know About Virtual Sports Betting

What exactly is virtual sports betting? Well, the virtual sports markets are based on the analysis of tons of real events and games. The real statistics give you a better understanding of what you should wager along with a rather realistic virtual product.

Thanks to today’s advances in technology, most of the virtual sports games on offer provide high-end graphics and sublime audio along with the use of real fan chants and real stadiums to add so much more authenticity to your betting experience.

Virtual Betting’s Top Features

As more and more sportsbooks offer virtual sports betting options, so the graphics and other features are advancing at great speed. The virtual matches you can bet on and watch are actually modelled on real-life pitches and stadiums, and the graphics can quickly get you feeling as though you’re really in a stadium or standing right next to the racetrack. There’s usually commentary to go with the event, too, along with a highlight real showing off attempts on goal, in the case of football matches. Some of the bigger online books even have fans belting out a club anthem.

The Benefits of Virtual Betting Sites

Virtual betting is sometimes seen as an entertaining way to pass the time for serious punters who adopt a sneering attitude towards the world of fantasy sports and betting. But think of it like this – today’s top-notch online bookmakers would never offer the wagers if there wasn’t some kind of profit to be made on both sides. So, virtual betting is certainly something you don’t want to overlook too soon.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of virtual betting sites:

  • With just the click of your mouse or touch of your mobile device screen, you can wager of an array of sports with races and events every few seconds that last for around 3 minutes. That means there are more chances to win.
  • If you’re still new at online sports betting, you can have fun practicing your sports betting strategies on virtual sports.
  • Virtual betting is super-simple, and anyone stands to win or take part, at least, without even needing to know a whole lot about sports betting.
  • Events and matches are streamed in high definition and you can bet any time of the day or night, giving you an endless source of virtual betting opportunities.
  • Virtual football betting is an excellent starting point since football is a popular bet that doesn’t need a massive learning curve.

Virtual betting is different from normal sports betting in that the length and frequency differs. But this just ups the excitement, especially for betting veterans, since betting on virtual events and teams means having to track individuals both online and off to secure victory and make accurate predictions and bets.

What’s more, virtual betting means you sometimes get to put aside your knowledge about the teams you’ve studied in the real world and simply concentrate on player profiles that the bookies give you. This only adds to the reward factor, though!

The Downfalls to Virtual Betting

Like anything, really, there are a few downfalls to virtual sports betting. For instance, there’s always the temptation to place more bets and spend more money since the evens happen so frequently. This can lead to adverse gambling habits if you’re not careful enough.

Another thing to consider is that virtual betting is purely virtual. That means there are a lot fewer factors to analyse, and for some punters that takes the thrill out of sports betting. For instance, players tend to check out the the odds offered on the particular site. In the world of real sports betting, you could search for a multitude of betting sites for the best possible odds on offer.

What’s more, there’s no need to research or study the form of a team’s best players or take into account home games, for instance, which takes away from the theory behind traditional sports betting. Also, betting on virtual sites imitates the real concept of sports betting. It just doesn’t match the thrill of a real team win.

But considering all this, we’d say the advantages far outweigh the downfalls, especially considering how much fun and how accessible virtual sports betting is, not to mention the winning possibilities.

Popular Virtual Sports for You to Bet On

Most virtual betting sites focus on popular events, like greyhound races, football, cycling, baseball, tennis, horse racing, basketball and so on.

Let’s take a look at some of the more popular virtual sports.

Virtual Horse Race Betting

Horse racing betting has become a popular pastime for many online gamblers, and today you can stumble upon exciting virtual tournaments complete with attractive prizes. In fact, the virtual racing environment attracts players with incredible animations and graphics along with entertaining features that deliver a sensational online betting experience. What’s more, horse racing is easy to understand and quick to get the hang of, which means you can quickly choose your horses and compete against other virtual punters to see who comes out on top.

Virtual Football Betting

Virtual football has already gained a huge following, offering bettors a wide selection of odds and huge amounts of virtual betting fun. Virtual betting sites often offer football matches that involve games between nations and various club teams so you can pick your winner, the number of goals to be scored and a whole lot of other factors. You can also check out visual representations of games as they play out in front of you to get you a better idea of how to bet.

Virtual Greyhound Races Betting

Virtual greyhound races offer further options to place bets and have tons of fun on virtual betting sites. With these races, computer-generated content recreates races, often going beyond the boundaries of reality. Building on the greyhound races betting tradition, virtual races restore that somewhat lost racing atmosphere, bringing you closer than ever to the excitement and thrills you’re after.

Overall, virtual betting sites offer an exciting world of virtual sports betting, complete with a myriad of betting options. Popular virtual sports creators include GlobalBet, 1x3gaming and Kiron, with more virtual sports developers popping up regularly, each offering games that are engineered to respond to the latest technological demands in the virtual betting market, including mobile betting.

How to Bet on Virtual Betting Sites

Virtual sports are set up by bookmakers on their betting platforms. The outcome of each event, match or race is generated using a random computer algorithm or random number generator to ensure there is no bias in the outcomes and that results can never be predicted in advance by punters.

Typically, there’s some sort of form you can quickly go over before you decide how to place your bets.

There are a few reasons that virtual sports are a fun way to have a punt, including:

  • You don’t need to study form or have any idea about the teams involved since results are always completely random
  • There’s betting action on the go 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A virtual event starts pretty much every couple of minutes, so no matter where you are or what time it is, there’s something exciting to bet on.
  • If you want tons of fun without a long research process, you can quickly jump onto virtual betting sites and place your bets.
  • Regardless of whether you prefer to back long shots or short odds, virtual betting sites cater to your needs, since most events come with a wide range of prices on offer.
  • Virtual betting sites are the perfect starting place for beginner punters to learn about strategy and staking before progressing to actual sports betting.
  • Graphics are incredibly advanced so even the matches seem very real. This simply adds to the legitimacy of virtual sports, making it more appealing today than ever before.

Popular virtual sports include:

Are Virtual Betting Sites Legit?

When a licensed online sportsbook offers virtual sports betting, it’s sure to be legit. Those virtual betting sites and bookmakers that provide such betting are usually sought out regulatory approval to offer games in the jurisdictions in which they offer betting.

Many offshore and unlicensed bookies don’t go through the all-important regulatory vetting process, and you should always be wary of placing bets on virtual sports on those platforms.

Here at Betopin, only bookmakers that pass our rigorous review process make our list, which means you can trust them with your information and money when enjoying virtual betting on the site.

The Best Virtual Betting Sides Around

Virtual betting is already offered by a wide range of online bookmakers in regulated markets such as Italy and the United Kingdom and is already a popular form of sports betting in many countries. Some of the top bookmakers that offer legitimate virtual sports betting include:

Check out our full sportsbook reviews today to find the best virtual betting sites for all your sports betting needs!

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