Best offer, sites and places to bet on the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Racing enthusiasts from around the globe will come together to cheer on their favourite drivers during the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix at the Yas Marina Circuit.

The event will start out with some practice runs, while the 27th November will see the 55-lap race in all its glory. This exciting event has racing enthusiasts on the edge of their seat, and some may want to add to the excitement be placing a bet. There are a number of different platforms that can be used to place bets during the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. The following bookmakers offer favourable odds, as well as bonuses for new signups.


Betfair needs a very little introduction when it comes to a bookmaker, as they helped create the current way online bookmakers are run. There is a slew of different sports available for you to bet on, including the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. If you’re looking for a site that has a wealth of experience in the industry, as well as competitive odds, then Betfair is well worth your consideration. New visitors to the site can enjoy a £10.00 sign up bonus.


More and more people are being introduced to the Smarkets platform, and this can be attributed to the waves it is making within the betting industry. One of the cleverest features is when players lay a stake, only to find that the odds suddenly drop. Normally, this will take a little adjustment, but Smarkets does this on our behalf. There’s also the fact that Smarkets charge a mere 2 per cent commission on any winnings, which can explain why Smarkets is quickly gaining traction in such a competitive industry.

If you like the look of what Smarkets has to offer, then why not visit the site and take advantage of the £10.00 signup bonus, which will allow you to check out the current odds and ensure the platform is for you.


At heart, Betdaq is a betting exchange, and as such, a multitude of people can lay bets against each other, at prices they determine. As well as being able to place bets on the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, sports enthusiasts can also place bets on a series of other sports, all with favourable odds.

Sporting Index (Spread Betting)

Sports spread betting is not commonplace with a number of bookmakers, so anyone looking for a unique way to place bets will need to visit a dedicated platform, and one of the most popular platforms if that of Sporting Index. The way bets are places are more akin to a stock exchange but can have greater returns in some instances. Those who are still a little unsure can make use of the Sporting Index £100.00 in free bets available from Sporting Index, which will allow users to get a feel for the platform before having to invest any funds.

As you can see there are some favourable odds available, as well as some truly unique ways to place a bet during the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.