Does the Kesslguken roulette strategy help predict where the ball is going to land?

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Last Updated on 16th April 2020

Unlike all the other major roulette strategies the Kesslguken roulette strategy doesn’t employ odds or laddering to win.  it’s a visual strategy that is based on look and feel rather than maths.

How does the Kesslguken roulette strategy work?

You look at the ball whilst it is being spun and try and predict what area of the wheel it is going to land in.  Pretty basic really and pretty much guess work.

Can it be effective?

Modern roulette wheels are so good that there is little chance you’ll find one with an edge to it.  This strategy works if you are able to gather a feel for the table, croupier and ball.

You’ll have to set up your bets pre spin to make sure you cover the correct numbers.

Pretty pointless online

Even with online casinos adopting live dealers, this is a strategy best reserved from when you are actually in a casino.  it probably won’t work and you’ll have to be there all evening before even getting the slightest whiff of familiarity.  If you want to try the strategy out online you’re going to be there for a while so make sure you find a casino with sexy live dealers.  it will help dull the pain of loosing money on this ridiculous strategy.

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