Three of the best bookies for American Football in the UK

American Football is one of the greatest sports in the world.  The sheer scope of the game is certainly a foreign concept to it’s UK equivalent Rugby Union.

Fortunately for us Brits as the NFL 2014/2015 seasons continues and UK bookmakers offer some of the best odds online and also a wide variety of things to bet on.  These include but are not limited to markets such as Moneyline, hanidcap, half/full-time and winning margin or spread.

here are three of the best bookies in the UK to bet on American Football and what they are particularly good at.

Betfair Exchange Betting 

Betfair offer the best odds online and as they are a betting exchange also give you the ability to go short or lay bets.  This means that if you can bet against a team winning or a specif event happening.  You don’t actually bet against Betfair but rather match up your bets with other punters in the exchange.

Sporting Index Spread Betting

Spread betting on American Football is different in the UK to the US.  In the US is means a win or loss happening by a certain margin.  In the UK it means buying or selling points on an event happening.  Sports spread betting bookies quote a spread around a price of a specific market.

Of the top sports spread betting bookies, the two major spread betting markets on America football are Win or Lose and Total Points.  With Sporting Index you can buy or sell a winning team if you think the bookies it too positive or negative.  Of bet on if it will be a high or low scoring game.  Spread betting on American football total points is on the of the most exiting games as you can win significantly more than your stake.

Ladbrokes Fixed Odds Betting

Betting on American Football with traditional fixed odds bookies will give you a nice range of bets.  The odds won’t be as good as the betting exchanges but you will be a wider range of bets and the ability to place multiple bets.

Ladbrokes is one of the better bookies to bet on American Football and you should expect some pretty decent odds on these bet types: Outright, Half/Quarter Lines, Points, Spreads and some special bets.

Placing a bet on the Super Bowl

Any three of the above bookies provide highly regulated, stable and secure online platforms for placing bets online.  The Super Bowl is one of the biggest sporting events on the planet and as such sees huge volumes of bets places.  There should not be a problem with liquidity or finding the odds or type of bet your looking for.  If not, you can always compare all the gambling services in the UK to find another bookie.

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