How to Use Sports Betting Trends When Betting on Football

Football Betting Trends

What are sports betting trends?

Sports betting trends are simply a reflection of how the public is betting.

When a sportsbook’s database shows that 60% of all bets placed on the game went on one team, that team is said to have 60% of the money line in their favour.

If more than 75% of bets were placed on one side, it’s a clear trend that may be considered to hold real value and represent a strong opportunity for you.

Every sport has gambling industry analysts monitoring and calculating its betting trends, from horse racing to English Premier League football home games, the practice is so widespread you can even find it in your local William Hill.

Betting trends are used to predict future betting activity to gain an edge in the sports betting industry. Analysts combine the current betting trends with other factors such as injuries, weather, and line moves to create a percentage probability of an outcome.

How to use sports trends to determine your bet

Using data from thousands of games across hundreds of different sports, combining the statistics of every earlier example, analysts have discovered predictive correlations between teams and markets that give an edge over the sportsbooks and other bettors. This is surely enough data to allow you to make your first deposit with confidence.

For example, if a team wins their first game at home against a good opponent, that will raise the general public’s confidence. The next time they play at home against a lesser opponent – the public will bet heavily on them.

To counter that effect, we’ll look for other teams that have played well in their last two games at home – even though those games weren’t against good opponents. This way, we can continue to find teams that have played well and bet against them when the general public is starting to doubt them.

Sports betting trends are used by professional bettors as an indicator of which team might win a game, and what the odds should be. They use these numbers to determine how much money they’ll put on each team. If you are a beginner bettor, however, then betting trends can do two things for you.

First, they’ll give you some insight into how the sportsbook figures out their odds in the first place. Second, if you look at betting trends over a relatively long period of time then these numbers can be used to help predict what might happen on game day. This is especially true if you know who is better than the other team and can bet accordingly.

Betting trends exist when two or more teams in a sports league show a common tendency to win or lose. Sports betting trends can be used to predict the outcome of future games and determine which team is most likely to succeed in future performances.

In essence, sports betting trends are the collective wisdom of past events that can be utilised to affect the decision-making process for making predictions about future results.

UK Sports Betting Trends

Sports betting trends are easy to spot with a little practice. For instance, if you have noticed that an NBA team has won 60% of its games after scoring less than 80 points for 3 straight games, you might want to bet on them to cover the spread in their next game.

Keep in mind that it may take some time to formulate comprehensive sports betting trends based on statistical analysis and whether a current trend exists or not.

Many professional sports gamblers rely on historical data to help them form their opinions. They use this information in conjunction with current and upcoming events to formulate their own sports betting trends.

Once you know which sports betting trends work best for you, you’ll be able to use them to your advantage.

It’s important to stick with sports betting trends that are backed by facts, though. You could end up losing money if you blindly follow the advice of a friend or someone else in your social circle.

How UK football betting trends can give you an edge on Euro 2021 online sports betting

Football betting trends can help you make better betting decisions on Euro 2021. Football is the most popular sport globally, and it’s no surprise that it is so popular with the UK bookmakers, with matches being televised almost every week of the year.

Millions of bettors play online sports betting games every day, whether it’s on a traditional bookmaker or an online sportsbook or casino. But how do the best bettors make money on gambling sites? What are the best tips for winning more money on football?

The answer is simple – they understand football betting trends. These are things that happen over time that, when identified, show sportsbooks have underestimated the likelihood of something happening. If you can use these trends to your advantage, you can use them to win more money on football betting.

If you want to make money on football betting, you need to know the best trends and how to use them. Here we’re going to look at some of the best betting trends to follow during Euro 2020 and later premier league games. We’ll take a look at how to identify these trends, how to find the best odds on our favourite football markets, and how to profit from them.

UEFA Euro 2021 is from 11th June 2021 to 11th July 2021 in various cities across the European continent. There will be 24 teams participating in the tournament, which is an increase of four teams from the previous edition of the tournament. The tournament format itself will remain the same with the top two of each group progressing to the knockout stages.

UEFA Nations League is an international football competition that was created by UEFA. The main objective of the UEFA Nations League is to replace most non-FIFA-sanctioned international ‘friendlies’. The purpose of the competition is to improve the quality of the national teams. It will also provide more meaningful games for the players.

England is the clear favourites to win the UEFA Euro 2021 at present, as they look to finally win a major trophy after the last three seasons of disappointment. Gareth Southgate’s men have performed admirably in recent tournaments and will want to go one better this time around. They were runners-up in the 2018 World Cup and are currently ranked 4th in the FIFA world rankings.

As you can see, there are a lot of things to consider when using professional football sports betting strategies but also some pretty clear trends that show up again and again for making educated bets on sport in general.

Top tips from the sports betting industry professionals (practice on free bets first)

Here’s a roundup of our favourite top football betting tips based on the main factors that established sports betters consider a valid reason to place a bet or not.

1. Take advantage of the best odds

The most important factor for successful betting is to bet where you can find the best odds, which means that you have to shop around and compare different bookmakers’ odds to get the best deal.

If you place your bet on the same outcome at several bookmakers, and one bookmaker offers better odds than the others, you should always bet with the bookmaker offering the better odds.

2. Use more than one bookmaker

It is not enough to only bet with the bookmaker offering the best odds. Even if one bookmaker has the best odds on a certain outcome, they may be unable to fill all betting requests or there may be other reasons why you should not bet with them.

Therefore it is important to not put all your eggs in one basket and instead use several different bookmakers by placing your bets with different bookmakers to be sure that you will always have a bookmaker available where you can place your bet.

3. Look at the market trends

When you are analysing sports betting trends, you should try to identify trends by looking at the current situation in the sports leagues, and then you should evaluate how the upcoming matches will contribute to future patterns.

For example, if it is late in the season and only a few matches remain, but a team has won a lot recently, and has been close to winning every match they had played in the last 10 games, you should probably expect them to win in their next match as well.

Remember, the greater the sample size, the greater the confidence in the statistics.

4. Keep up with news about teams and players

Favourites become favourites by having a history of strong performances in the relevant sport. If you want to make the best possible predictions, you need to keep up with the latest developments in the sport.

5. Take advantage of bonuses and promotions

Different bookmakers offer different types of bonuses, and some bookmakers also offer various best betting promotions for new customers or existing customers.

In general, you do not want to miss out on any bonuses or promotions, since you can make extra money from these.

It is also important to remember that you can never have too much information when betting. With good tools and techniques, and with a little bit of effort, you can reach a level where you can successfully predict the outcome of almost any match.

6. Use betting calculators and tools

There are many different tools available to help you when analysing sports betting trends. Some of these tools are online, while others are made for use on your computer. Tools such as bet calculator, odds converter, and sports spread betting calculator can be very helpful.

7. Find the best value bets

The purpose of sports betting is to get a positive return on your money. Therefore, you should look at the odds offered by various bookmakers and try to win more than you lose.

If you are placing a bet with a bookmaker offering 5% better odds than some other bookmakers, it does not mean that you will always win with the bookmaker with the 5% better odds. It simply means that you have a greater chance of winning with them.

8. Be prepared to accept losses

Betting is a form of gambling, so there is a risk involved. To be successful and make a profit, you must be prepared to accept losses.

If you want to reach a level where you can consistently predict outcomes, you will have to accept losing some money along the way.

9. Look at the spread and the over/under

When you are analysing sports betting trends, you should try to identify trends by looking at the current situation in the sports leagues, and then you should evaluate how the upcoming matches will contribute to future patterns.

For example, if it is late in the season and only a few matches remain, but a team has won a lot recently, and has been close to winning every match they had played in the last 10 games, you should probably expect them to win in their next match as well.

10. If there is a clear favourite, bet against the favourite

There are times when there is a clear underdog and other times when there is a clear favourite. If you can find a game where there is a clear favourite, you should generally bet against the favourite.

This is because most people who have heard of the upcoming game will also know that there is a clear favourite, so they will bet on the favourite, which may drive the odds up for them.

Of course, you want to bet on favourites, but you should never bet blindly. Make sure that you keep an eye on the facts so that you do not bet against a strong team, just because they are the favourites.

Even though you should always bet with the best odds, sometimes you may find that the best odds are not with the favourite. It is important to consider all factors, and then make a well-informed decision based on what you have found.

What is matched betting?

A matched bet is when you place two separate bets with the same bookmaker on the same outcome (e.g. Manchester United to win) and that the odds will be matched together. A minimum bet size of £10 is required across both bets on match betting sites.

The most common way to do this is to find a bookmaker’s free bet offer that includes a selection of bets at a certain price (1/5), then place a bet at a lower price (e.g. 1/2) on another market. This means that if both bets are successful, you should walk away with a profit.

For example, William Hill casino offers a £30 free bet with a stake of just £10. Their odds are generally poor so that’s where the value comes from. You could place a bet at 1/2 with a stake of £4.70. If you were to win, you would receive the £30 free bet and £14.30 in profit.

There are also cases where you may need to place three bets instead of two. For example, you might want to place a bet at 1/5, 2/5, and 3/5. The 1/5 bet will cover the draw option, whilst the 2/5 and 3/5 bets will cover a potential 1-0 result. This is known as a trifecta.

Example: You have received a free bet from William Hill worth £30, with a stake of just £10. They have posted odds of 1/2 for Manchester United to beat Arsenal. You could place a bet at a lower price with the same bookmaker on Leicester City (1/4) + draw (23/10) + Arsenal (19/20). This is known as a trifecta. If you win, you would receive £30 from William Hill and another £16.70 in profit (£30 free bet + £17.70 profit).

This doesn’t only work for football; it also works for any other sport, including horse racing.

What is a betting exchange?

A betting exchange is a platform that enables punters to bet on the outcome of events. It acts as an intermediary between bettors and bookmakers, so instead of betting with a traditional bookmaker, you bet directly against other bettors.

This means you can get better odds, reduce your exposure to the house, and potentially make more profit. We use the term ‘exchange’ because this is exactly how it works. The exchange matches up two sides of the same bet.

For example, assume there’s a football match coming up between Manchester United and Chelsea. A Manchester United fan wants to bet £20 on them to win, but he can only find odds of 2.2 (bet £10 to win £22) from a bookmaker.

Meanwhile, a Chelsea fan wants to bet £20 on his team to win. However, he can only find odds of 3.1 (bet £10 to win £31). If both fans agree to the bet, then the betting exchange will match their bets. The Manchester United fan will put down £20 at 2.2, and the Chelsea fan will do the same at 3.1.

The exchange will then place the bets for each of the fans with the bookmakers. The great thing about sports betting exchanges is that you can access better odds than you would from a traditional bookmaker.

For example, if the Manchester United fan found odds of 1.8 (bet £10 to win £18), then he could choose to take these instead of the 2.2 offered by the bookmaker. Or if the Chelsea fan found odds of 4.4 (bet £10 to win £44), he could also jump on these to give himself better value.


Sports betting trends are not the only way for punters to get an edge in the sports betting industry. If you’re planning on placing a bet on a sporting event like horse racing, you can use trends to gain more knowledge about your potential winnings.

Remember, though, that betting trends are not always absolute. There will be times when a trend doesn’t play out or an unexpected result ends up happening.

That’s why you should never put all your eggs in one basket and use your own judgement. Set a range of how much to bet and use the trends as a guide for where you want to bet smart money.

If you’re new to sports betting trends, it can take some time before you can start finding them as quickly and easily as the experts in this field. But with a little practice, you can improve your ability to spot trends in every sport you bet on.

Once you’ve got the hang of following the latest trends, you’ll be able to increase your winnings without putting in as much effort.

At the end of the day, don’t blindly follow the advice you hear from others and exercise your own judgement. That goes for whether you’re mobile betting or in-play betting.

Listen to your gut feeling above all else, even when placing free bets because you should be well practised for when you’re ready to start gambling real money.

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