Spread Bet on American College Sports

College Sports are more popular than ever in the United States. Every Saturday people arrive to their favourite team’s stadium to watch their team beat their opponent in hopes of reaching the National Championship. While people love to watch great College Teams play in popular sports like American Football and basketball there are just as many who love to bet on them. Today we are going to go over how to place Spread Bets on College Football and Basketball.  Compare the best spread betting bookies for American Sports here.

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The first thing we are going to have to do is check out the “Spread” on the particular game that we want to bet on. There is a big match this Saturday in Basketball between Kentucky and Indiana and you want to bet on that game. Kentucky is favoured to win by 12 points. This will show up as “Kentucky -12” on the Spread Board. When the game ends on Saturday Kentucky wins by 20 points. In this case Kentucky “Covered the Spread and you won the bet. In this case Kentucky was highly favoured so your pay out won’t be huge but you will make a little more on your bet.

If you want to bet a little more risky you can try to bet against the spread. Let’s use the past years National Championship in College Football as an example. Ohio State and Oregon are going to play for the National Championship in College Football and Oregon is favoured to win by 14 points because they are a very high scoring team. You believe that Ohio State is going to win so you bet against the spread and say that Oregon will not win by 14 points. In the end Ohio State wins 38-3 to everyone’s surprise and you win the wager. All that really had to happen was for Ohio State to not lose by 14 or more points.

Like any type of betting there are risks associated but betting on the Spread is a way to increase your chances of winning substantially. Use these examples to help you start placing bets and start a successful College Sport Betting hobby.