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So we are writing a BetDaq review, but here's what we are really writing "Is BetDaq better than Betfair?"

That I suppose is down to personal preference.

Betfair charges 5% commission, BetDaq charges 2%. So if you care a great deal about that you'll go with BetDaq because it's cheaper, but truth be told most people don't care.

What people care about is what they like. And some people like will Betfair and some people will like Betdaq.

BetDaq versus Betfair

They were both founded in 2000 and both have decent liquidity on popular events. Although of course as Betfair is bigger, theirs is better.

Both sort of offer fixed odds - Betfair has it's own fixed odds platform since it joined forces with Paddy Power. But so does BetDaq since it was bought out by Ladbrokes.

There is even a Ladbrokes betting exchange, but that's just a reskinned version of BetDaq.

And let's be completely honest here, re-skinned bookies (or white labels) are a bit chavvy. If you're a proper sports trader or after a betting exchange to lay off your matched betting bets you want the proper thing.

What else to BetDaq offer?

  • Multiples
  • Casino
  • Pools
  • Trading Tips

OK, sure everyone offers this now, so I don't know why you'd open an account with Betdaq and not Betfair, if you only wanted one betting exchange account. Which you almost certainly won't. So you will.

Anything worthwhile for new customers?

BetDaq promotions are pretty good, some decent breaks on commission and you can get your first month's commission back as cash back.

The only thing I can say is that they are not Betfair and that's a good reason to open an account and put some bets through. Not that there is anything wrong with Betfair, but competition is important and there are only really four betting exchanges anyway.

They all pretty much do the same thing, that is give access to markets at slighty different costs. They are more like stock brokers than bookies.

You just like who you like, you'll probably have accounts with all of them and rotate between what ever app is easier to navigate at the time, or who ever takes your fancy.


Does BetDaq have an App and what's the BetDaq app like?

Yes there is a BetDaq app on iOS and Android. You get access the the same markets are online and it's a fairly stable alternative to the Betfair app for trackside action. You can download if from the app store, about 35,000 users. So decent enough for laying and backing bets through mobile.

Should you just use the BetDaq mobile site instead?

To be fair though the mobile site is just and good and in same cases I actually prefer using mobile sites rather than apps.

How to claim a BetDaq free bet

BetDaq don't really offer free bets, what they offer instead is cash back on commission. If you want a free bet from BetDaq you're better of claiming a free bet from a traditional bookie who have much better offers. If you are a matched better you can use this commission cash back to increase the margins on laying bets

What are BetDaq tips like?

In theory they should be better. It's a bit odd when normal bookies give betting tips because they make money when you lose bets. So surely there is a massive conflict of interests there. However, betting exchanges make money on commissions from winning bets. So it makes sense from them to try and help you out a little. BetDaq betting tips are good enough, but if you want some proper statistical analysis you are better off going with someone like Stratabet and then trading through Betdaq.

BetDaq commission rates and offers

Since the smaller players like Smarkets and Matchbook have entered the market trying to win business with discounted commissions of 1.5% BetDaq has lowered their commission rate from 3% to 2%. That's about as good as it's going to get from a major exchange like BetDaq. BetDaq do offer cash back and commission specials on certain events. Overall BetDaq's combination of brand, liquidity and 2% commission make them the clear winner when it comes to sports traders exchange betting.


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