Fed up with Betfair? Here are three sites similar to Betfair…

Want the best odds online? (Compare the top three betting exchange sites here)

If you are looking for similar sites to Betfair, we’ve put together a quick Betfair competitor comparison.

You can either read on for a summary of similar Betfair sites or compare betting exchanges in our comparison tables.

Firstly, what is Betfair?

Betfair was the first betting exchange which means they are not actually a bookie per say. They are a matchmaking service between punter who think something will happen and something won’t.  Since the company was founded 1999 Betfair now offers fixed odds betting (since merging with Paddy Power), casinos, slots, poker and financial trading.

To be fair, Betfair are one of the best, if not the, best bookie in the world. They have the deepest exchange liquidity, are listed on the FTSE 100, have the most active client base and cover the most markets. But, if for any reason you are fed up with Betfair, here are three sites similar to Betfair.

A while ago we wrote about two viable alternatives to Betfair, but just added the third as a post script.

Here’s the top three sites similar to Betfair.

1. BetDaq Betting Exchange

BetDaq: The second biggest betting exchange. Founded in Ireland a year later in 2,000. They currently offer 2% commission versus Betfair’s 5%. You can also get 0% commission if you open a new account.

2. Smarkets Betting Exchange

Smarkets: Founded in 2008, by an American, Jason Trost (you can read our Smarkets CEO interview here) Smarkets betting exchange is growing rapidly and winning business as a similar site to Betfair by offering better layouts and an all important £10 risk free bet for new customers.

3. Matchbook Betting Exchange

Matchbook: This betting exchange has a slightly American feel to it, there is a bit of a focus on US sports such as NFL and Hockey. Which is OK I suppose if you are an America. Matchbook betting exchange is a little more opaque than Smarkets, BetDaq and Betfair, they don’t even have a wikipedia page. Make of that what you will. You can read some Matchbook betting exchange reviews on our review page.

If you’ve used them tell us what you think by writing a review here and you can win a £1,000 Amazon voucher.

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Smarkets BetDaq Matchbook Spreadex Karamba Sporting Index Betfair
£10 no risk bet for new accounts Claim Offer Up to £1,000 commission cash back Claim Offer Up to £500 commission cashback Claim Offer iPad or £300 cashback in your first 28 days Claim Offer £10 Free Bet Claim Offer £100 to get you started Claim Offer £10 risk free bet Claim Offer
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