What Is A Super Over In Cricket

What is a Super Over?

Well, a super over is officially a one over per side eliminator is a tie breaking method used in limited over cricket matches, where both teams play an additional over (6 balls) to decide the winner of the match.

How does a match get to a Super Over?

A match that goes into a super over only happens when the game end as a tie. If the super over also ends in a draw the match is then decided in the number of boundaries that each team has scored over the game, and the team with the most boundaries win the game.

The History of the Super Over

The very first super over was used in back in 2008 for crickets T20 format replacing the bowl-out method previously used to decide setting a draw. The super over was not introduced into ODI format until the 2011 Cricket World Cup knockout stage but it did not need to be used. It seemed that it wasn’t a popular decider by the powers that be as the one put the Super Over decided to be used in the 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup Final.

It wasn’t until 2017 the ICC gave the go ahead for the Super Over to be used again in the knockout stage of the years Woman’s World Cup and Champions Trophy.

The 2019 Cricket World Cup Final marked the first ever ODI game decide by a Super Over. After the England and New Zealand tied on runs in their Super Over, England was declared the winner on boundaries scored for what can only be described as one of the most dramatic finishes in sports history let alone cricket.

The View of The Experts

It’s fair to say that not everyone os a fan of the super over with some top names in cricket giving their view on it. Former New Zealand coach Mike Hesson had this to say after his team fell victim too two defeats when contesting the Super Over in the 2012 ICC World T20. Another New Zealand coach Gary Stead who him and his team came to greaf in the grandest stage of them all ICC World Cup final in 2019 suggested that the trophy should be shard if this was to happen again.

If this was to happen then you take the whole drama of the game away from the cricket fan and the cricket betting public.

Can you bet on a super over

Yes, of course you can have bet on the super over. A good cricket tip is that most of the top sportsbooks will offer you the chance bet on wether a game will go to a super over and much more cricket betting markets .

Betway are one of the leading cricket betting sportsbooks that offer every market that you can think of when to comes to cricket betting, and also if you want to learn even more you must read our article of the essential betting guide to cricket.

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