Learn to Spread Bet on Horse Racing

There are many different ways to bet in the Sport Betting world. You have tons of different sports with many different strategies of betting and it is important to understand each one before actually placing a bet. Today we are going to learn how to place a spread bet on the very Popular Sport of Horse racing. You can do this with one of the two big spread betting bookies in the UK. We will be learning how to place a Spread Bet. Don’t worry if you have never placed a bet on Horse Racing before, we are going to show you the lay of the land.



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The first thing we need to understand is what a Spread Bet is. Many people think of betting as picking the winner out of two teams to win. Spread Betting adds a more complex way of betting on Sports, especially with Horse Racing. Instead of betting on which horse is going to win you might bet on the distance there will be between the first place horse and the second place horse at the end of the race. Now say the betting institution that you are using is saying they believe the amount of paces is going to be between 1-3. You feel pretty good that the first place horse is going to win by 3 paces so you place your bet on it. Now if the first place horse wins by 3 paces you will win the bet. On the other hand the winning horse only wins by 1 pace you will lose the bet.

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Now we are going to dive a little bit deeper into how Spread Betting works in Horse Racing. The really cool thing about Spread betting is you can bet on Winning or Losing. This opens up so many more opportunities to be successful in wagering. Let’s say for instance the spread at the Horse Race for how many Lengths will be between the first and second place horse for all races of the day is between 30-34. You are feeling pretty confident that the second place horses are going to do better than the first place ones so you are going to bet $5 per point at 34 lengths on a Sell bet. The winning horses only win by 30 lengths all together and you bought the rights to selling your bet at 34 lengths. That means you make the difference of 34 minus 30 (which is 4) and then you times it by your bet which was $5. That means you made $20 Profit.

The other type of Spread bet you can make is called a Buy Bet. Say you think the winning horses are going to win by a total of 70 lengths all together and the spread says that they are going to win by 70-74 lengths. You place a Buy bet $5 to buy the right to bet on the 1st place horses winning by a total of 70 lengths. The horses end up winning by 80 lengths in all so you make the difference between 70 and 74 which is 4 and then times it by your initial bet of $5. That’s another $20 profit.  You can get a free spread bet on horse racing here.

As you can tell the Spread Betting on Horse Racing can be very lucrative if you learn how to do it right. Just take what you learned here and start making some money!